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World Luxury is an experienced travel agency specialized in luxury travel to United States and the Caribbean. World Luxury is a wholesaler based in France since 1994 and in Miami since 1999 offering wide range of luxurious hotels and services

World Luxury provides accommodation and services in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, and with the period and details of the confirmed reservation, and the information published on the website www.worldluxury-hotels.com. The agency is not liable for circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control, including wars, riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, sanitary disruptions, restrictions by local authorities, death or illness of service provider and such.)



Inquiries and booking of accommodation can be done electronically, by mail, fax or in person at the office of the agency. After the receipt of the inquiry, the agency will check the availability of the required service and confirm the required service to the client, or offer alternative possibilities. If the client is agreeing with the offer, a final confirmation from the client is required. During the booking process, the client is obliged to correctly supply the agency with all the necessary and required data. With the final confirmation of the booking, the client also confirms that he is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions, and that he accepts them in their entirety. Thus, everything stated in the General Terms and Conditions becomes legally binding both for the client and the agency. After the final confirmation has arrived, the agency sends to the client the proforma invoice for the advanced payment with all the necessary details for the bank transfer. After the deposit payment had arrived to the bank account of the agency, the agency sends to the client a confirmation of the receipt.

A deposit of 50% of the full price must be paid at time of booking or the full price.
The remaining amount must be fully paid by the customer within 21 days prior to arrival.

All prices mentionedon the website of World Luxury are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated. They do not include federal taxes nor taxes from the hotel if any. World Luxury is not responsible for any price changes that may occur before you have completed your purchase.

When making your reservation give us all your special needs (wheelchair access, special meals, etc.) By calling us at 1 - 954 773 4226 or email info@worldluxury-hotels.com. Although we make every effort to respond positively to your request, the agency cannot offer any guarantee in this regard. Special requests are not part of the contractual obligations of any other party in your reservation.

The payment can take place in the following manners:
1. cash payment in the office of the agency World Luxury.

2. by bank transfer to the bank account of the agency - all the necessary details to perform the bank transfer are delivered to the client on the proforma invoice for the advanced payment.

3. online payment with credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express

     If a customer decides to pay online using a credit card, the agency will provide the customer with a link using which the customer may perform the payment online over secure pages (SSL protection).


Credit card purchase security statement

Confidentiality of your information is protected and secured by using SSL encryption. Pages for web payment are secured by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption. SSL encryption is a data coding procedure for prevention of unauthorized access during data transfer. 

Conversion statement

All payments will be effected in Dollars currency. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.

Delivery of Documents

After you have reserved your trip on the Web site, the Agency will promptly e-mail you an invoice confirming your purchase and details of your itinerary, including e-ticket, hotel voucher and car rental information, where applicable.

Reception of this invoice constitutes your final opportunity to verify the accuracy of the information that will be entered on your travel documents. Please contact the Agency immediately upon receipt of your invoice if you note any discrepancies, failing which the Agency shall not be liable for any errors and/or omissions related to your booking.



The agency reserves the right to change the published rates. Customers who have paid the deposit for a certain reservation are guaranteed by the agency the rate listed on the calculation based on which the deposit payment was made. Should rate changes occur prior to the deposit being paid, the agency is obligated to inform the customer of these changes.


The agency reserves the right to change or modify a reservation in case of circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control that cannot be predicted, avoided or rectified (see Article 1). The agency also reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the reservation in case that the total number of persons (including children) intending to use the accommodation are higher than the capacity of the accommodation in question. Booked accommodation can be substituted only provided that customer is notified in time and only by an accommodation unit of the same or higher category, but at the price confirmed during booking.



know that the cancellation is dependent on the cancellation policy of the hotel concerned. If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must immediately communicate with us verbally. Should the client wish to change or cancel a reservation, this must be done in written form (email, mail, or fax). The following are examples of changes: changes to the number of customers, changes to arrival / departure dates. Changes must be made at least 30 days prior to the arrival date.



It is the agency's obligation to take care of the realization of the services, choice of hosts, and customers' interests and rights according to accepted customs and practices in tourism. The host is obliged to make all reserved services available to the client, so he is responsible to the client for any possible unfulfilled yet reserved services or part of these services. The agency will carry out all stated obligations in full and as described above, except in circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control.



The customer is required to:

  • have valid travel documents,
  • respect and abide by all customs and foreign exchange regulations of the destination country to obey customs regulations and currency exchange regulations of the country where the destination is located,
  • abide by house rules of the accommodation units as well as cooperate with the service providers in a well-intentioned manner
  • provide the agency upon arrival with travel or personal documents of themselves and all their fellow passengers in purpose of tourist registration.
  • provide the agency with true and complete relevant information and documentation, by programs that have certain health requirements for the participants. The agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation anytime, upon finding out that the client has withheld information that may cause damage to the client, the agency, or the provider, in which case the client will be charged fully the price of the reserved program as well as any damages that occurred therefrom.
  • inform the agency about the challenged persons in his group and to inquire if this accommodation unit is recommendable for such a case, if in the description of the accommodation unit it is not specifically stated that the accommodation unit in question is challenged persons friendly
  • provide true information about the total number of persons intending to use the accommodation (including children). If upon arrival it would be found that the actual number of persons is higher than the announced number of persons, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation at sight, and the customer has no right for any compensation and/or complaint. There is no rule under which minor children can stay free and without notice in the accommodation units.
  • inform the Agency when making an inquiry, if the customer plans to bring along a pet, even if it is stated that pets are permitted in the accommodation description.  It is necessary to announce the type and size of the pet, and if pets are allowed it does not necessarily mean that the pet can move freely everywhere.


Should the customer not follow the above listed obligations, the customer is liable for caused damage and must cover the expenses.
By confirming the reservation, the customer has agreed to compensate the service provider on the spot for any potential damages caused by his/her own negligence.



The agency is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for the theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit. 



Travel insurance is not included.World Luxury strongly recommends that customers take out insurance covering certain events that may occur before, during or after your departure.



We are committed to provide service of protection of our customer's personal data in a way that we collect only essential basic information about our buyers that are necessary for fulfilling our obligations. We also inform our customers about the way we collect information and regularly give customers an option about how their information will be used, including the possibility to decide whether their name should be included or omitted from the lists used for marketing campaigns.

All user information are strictly guarded and are available only to the employees who need those information for completing the job.

All our employees and business partners are responsible to follow the principles of confidentiality protection.



The World Luxury website is intended only to be used by travelers. You cannot modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish or selling any information, software, products or services obtained from the World Luxury site or use it to create derivative works or licenses. This site is intended exclusively to research information or travel services and travel-related services offered. It is strictly forbidden to use it to make reservations fraudulent, speculative or false, any reservation in anticipation of demand.



Upon payment of the advance or the total amount, the customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

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